Smart Nursery

Smart Nursery

Idea of smart nursery came to me when my wife was expecting. During middle of night she will ask me to change temperature, sometimes I’ll have to switch light on or off or make shades go up or down. Once she even asked me to install a ceiling fan and that too in a fully air conditioned house(can you imagine that). I thought once baby is born number of things for which I’ll have to move around will increase exponentially. How can I make my (and my wife’s ) life easier and voila idea of smart nursery came.

So I started researching and some of the ways one can make a digital or smart nursery are mentioned below

Room is too hot or cool – With smart thermostat one can easily change temperature via mobile device or voice command. You can also program device to change temperature at different time of day for example during night or daytime.

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Switching lights ON/OFF – Smart switches can make life so easy by controlling lights via mobile or voice command. Imagine your little one is about to doze in your arms while you are reading a book to him/her and you want light to switch off. Basically you can control any device (humidifier, fan etc.) connected with smart switch and it is probably the cheapest way to make a device smart.

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Monitoring – Having digital camera monitors can help you to look at your little one from any place in house.  This helps in getting peace of mind and prevent multiple rounds to nursery to check on your little one.

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Shades – Smart shades can help in controlling light from outside as needed. You can program them to go up in morning and down during evening or afternoon when your little one is going to take nap.

As next step I’ll be researching on each of these categories of smart devices and will update this article with link for research. What do you feel about smart nursery ? Please do share your thoughts. Thanks

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