Google Home Price and 10 Things you should know about

Google Home Price is currently around $129.
Google-Home-Assistant 2016

10 things which you should know about google home beside its price is mentioned below

  1. Google home is a voice activated product like Amazon Alexa which can answer your queries , play music and other connected applications.
  2. It has a smart/sleek design, it comes in multiple colors with modular design to go with your interior .
  3. Google home can play music from various streaming services like Spotify, youtube music , google play music .Pandora etc
  4. Being a search giant helps as it can answer your queries based on most appropriate search results.
  5. Google home can get real time alerts on weather, traffic, sports ,business etc
  6. This will help in making your home smart by connecting seamlessly with various smart home devices like smart things, Philips hue, chromcast, Nest etc. But like Amazon Alexa and Homekit developers cannot connect and build applications for Google home.
  7. It’s sophisticated microphones can recognize voice from distance and it has multi room capability.
  8. Hi excursion speakers provide crystal clear sound and rich bass
  9. It is priced at $129 and will ship on Nov 4. You can pre order now if you want.
  10. Please feel free to drop a comment and let us you what we should add as 10th point 🙂

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